Why gorakhpur is known as the land of ancient glory ?

Due to its great historical and cultural significance, Gorakhpur is frequently called to as the “Land of Ancient Glory”. Listed below are a few factors that contribute to Gorakhpur’s status as such:

Gorakhpur has a lengthy, illustrious history that goes back to the beginning. The famed yogi and mystic Saint Gorakshanath, who lived in the area in the 12th century, is thought to be the inspiration for the name. The city has been involved in several historical events and has seen the rise and fall of countless dynasties.

Gorakhpur is regarded as an important Hindu religious center because of its spiritual significance. The Gorakhnath Temple, honoring Saint Gorakshanath, the founder of the Hindu Nath sect, is located there. Devotees travel from all over India to visit the temple.


The history of Gorakhpur, a city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, is extensive and renowned. The city has seen the rise and fall of many kingdoms and cultures, and its beginnings are thought to be ancient. An outline of Gorakhpur’s past is provided here:

  1. Antiquity and the Middle Ages”: Gorakhpur has a long history that dates back to antiquity. It is thought to have been called in honor of Saint Gorakshanath, a well-known ascetic and yogi who resided in the area in the 12th century. For the Nath sect of Hinduism, which Saint Gorakshanath founded, the city served as a crucial hub.
  2. Mughal Era: Gorakhpur was a part of the province of Awadh during the Mughal Empire. A number of Mughal rulers ruled over it.
  3. British authority: Gorakhpur was a key administrative and commercial hub in the area throughout the 18th century when it came under British authority. During British colonial administration, it was a part of the United Provinces of Agra and Oudh.
  4. Indian freedom Movement: Gorakhpur actively participated in India’s freedom movement. The region produced a large number of well-known independence warriors who supported the national movement.
  5. Post-freedom: Gorakhpur joined the newly created state of Uttar Pradesh after India attained its freedom in 1947. Rapid urbanization has occurred in the city over time, and it has developed into a significant regional commercial, educational, and cultural powerhouse.

Major places of Attraction

As of my last update in September 2021, Gorakhpur offers several places of attraction for tourists and visitors. These places showcase the city’s rich cultural heritage, religious significance, and natural beauty. Here are some major places of attraction in Gorakhpur:

  1. Gorakhnath Temple
  2. Veer Bahadur Singh Planetarium
  3. Gita Press
  4. Ramgarh Tal
  5. Arogya Mandir
  6. Geeta Vatika
  7. Gorakhpur Railway Museum
  8. Vindhyavasini Park
  9. Nehru Park
  10. Shaheed ashfaq ullah khan prani udyan (gorakhpur zoo)


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