In today’s technologically oriented world, domain names are in high demand. The world record for the most expensive domain name sale was “” to Quinstreet for $16 million in 2009. However, even longer domain names are frequently offered for sale for thousands of dollars each day. As a result, investors now have a special chance to purchase domain names that can be resold for a profit in the future.

Do not save what is left after SPENDING but spend what is left after SAVING

Warren Buffet

What is a Domain name?

A domain name is the text that a user types into their browser to access a specific website, to put it simply. Google, for instance, has the domain name “”.

Although a website’s actual address is a long, complicated IP address (such 192.0..2), DNS allows visitors to enter shorter, more recognizable domain names and be directed to the desired websites. A DNS lookup is the process involved in this.

How do a domain name and a URL differ from one another?

A uniform resource locator (URL), often known as a web address, includes the protocol and the path in addition to the domain name of a website. For instance, in the URL ‘’, ‘’ is the domain name, ‘https’ is the protocol, and ‘/learning/’ is the path to a specific page on the website.

How to make money with domain names

Buying and selling Domain

Domain names can be purchased and sold in numerous ways. Many common domain registrars, like, will support auction sales. In the meantime, specific websites like Sedo are made just to buy and sell domain names. Last but not least, parking domains with a for sale page is a fantastic approach to attract specific interest from potential buyers.

03 ways to make money from your domain Portfolio

Set price

For domain sellers who have an extensive collection of domains and aren’t in a rush to sell them, setting a firm price is the best strategy.


Auctions are a great way to sell higher profile domain names where there is a lot of interest, since they typically result in the highest possible price

Make a Proposal

Make an offer Sales are a good fit for specialized domains that could not attract much attention or whose exact value isn’t clearly known.

Risks of Investing in Domains

Potential domain investors should thoroughly analyze all of the dangers before purchasing and selling. Liquidity, subjectivity, and legality are the three main dangers, but there are many others, ranging from inaccurate assessments to improper trust payments. Before making an investment in domain names, prospective buyers should carefully evaluate these dangers.

The Outcome

Domain name investments carry dangers of their own, just like any other investment. However, for careful investors who carefully weigh the risks and rewards, investing in domain names can result in substantial profits and a novel approach to diversify one’s investment portfolio.

Best domain name registrar

Highest price paid for a domain names

  • – $872 million.
  • – $49.7 million.
  • – $35.6 million.
  • – $35 million.
  • – $30.18 million.
  • – $30 million.
  • – $18 million.
Do domain name expire?

The majority of domain names have registration terms ranging from 1 to 10 years. If a renewal is required, they may be reactivated after their expiration date or renewed while they are still in effect.

How much amount required to buy domain name?

Domains start at ₹500/year also it depends upon TLD like .com, .net, etc.

What is TLD?

A top-level domain (TLD) is the next level up in the DNS hierarchy, following the root zone. A TLD is, to put it simply, everything that comes after the last dot in a domain name. ‘.com’ is the TLD, for instance, in the domain name ‘’. ‘. org’ is one of the more well-known TLDs.

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