C-295 Aircraft would be manufactured in India by Airbus jointly with Tata

The Deal is of 56 aircraft in which 16 aircraft would come in fly away condition, manufactured at the Airbus facility in Seville, Spain, and 40 would be manufactured in India by Airbus jointly with Tata

according to a top Airbus official

The first C-295 transport aircraft manufactured by Airbus for the Indian Air Force at Seville, Spain is scheduled to be delivered in September

The first C-295 transport aircraft for the Indian Air Force 

The first C-295 transport aircraft will be available to the Indian Air Force (IAF) in September, 2023. In the interim, Airbus has trained six pilots in Seville, and training for a 20-person maintenance crew is also underway. There was a ground breaking ceremony in March for a training center at the Air Force station in Agra. By the end of 2024, a full motion simulator is expected to be supplied.

Final Assembly Line (FAL) at Vadodara in partnership with Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL)

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As per Jorge Tamarit, head of Airbus’s C-295 India program, work is underway to establish the Final Assembly Line (FAL) at Vadodara in collaboration with Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL). The first airplane made in India will be available in September 2026.

“The FAL in Vadodara will be ready by mid-2024 and start production by November 2024,” Mr. Tamarit said speaking to a small group of visiting journalists from India. “Next week the Main Constituent Assembly [MCA] in Hyderabad is set to start production where several major sub-assemblies for the 40 aircraft to be assembled in India would be made, beginning with the rear-end fuselage.”

The second C-295 Aircraft

In 2024, seven aircraft will be delivered at a rate of one per month, starting with the second C-295 in May 2024, according to Jorge Madrid, the head of the C-295 India-version development program.

What is the deal between TATA and Spain Airbus?

Under this Deal, Airbus will deliver the first 16 aircraft in ‘fly-away’ condition from its final assembly line in Seville, Spain within four years, and the subsequent 40 aircraft will be manufactured by Tata Advanced Systems Ltd (TASL) in India as part of an industrial partnership between the two companies

Rs 22,000 crore deal to supply 56 such planes

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday laid the groundwork for the C-295 aircraft manufacturing plant in Vadodara, Gujarat. Airbus and Tata Advanced Systems Limited’s joint venture will manufacture 40 C-295 military transport planes at the facility as part of a “Rs 22,000 crore deal to supply 56 such planes”. Airbus will supply the Rest 16 planes directly from Spain.

“The transport aircraft that’ll be manufactured here will not only give power to our Army but also develop a new ecosystem of manufacturing aircraft… Soon, India will witness the passenger aircraft that will be made with the tag of ‘Make In India'”.

-PM Narendra Modi

Features and Specification of C-295 Aircraft


  1. The aircraft can perform multi-role missions in every weather condition and also it has a maximum flight endurance of 11 hours.
  2. It can regularly conduct combat operations throughout the day and at night in both desert and maritime areas.
  3. The C-295 is a transport aircraft of 5-10 tonne capacity with contemporary technology.
  4. Its rear ramp entrance allows for the rapid deployment of soldiers and supplies. Short takeoff and landing from partially prepared surfaces is another characteristic.
  5. Robust and reliable

Is this a Replacement?

  1. It will replace the Indian Air Force’s ageing fleet of Avro-748 planes
  2. In 1960 The Avro-748 was commissioned in IAF ,which is a twin-engine turboprop military transport Aircraft.

Technical Specification

  • It has a capacity of 71 combat ready troops.
  • Or instead it has capacity of 21400lb cargo payload.
  • Dimension of Aircraft include:
    • Length – 80.2 feet
    • Wing span – 84.7 feet
    • Height – 28.2 feet
  • Maximum Take off weight is 51145lbs.
  • Also It’s performance include maximum speed of 360 miles per hour.
  • Fuel capacity: 7,650 L
  • Propellers: 6-bladed Hamilton Sundstrand HS-568F-5.
  • Landing run: 420 m (1,378 ft)
  • Also Landing distance from 15 m (49 ft): 729 m (2,392 ft)
Note: The C-295 is in service with the armed forces of 15 countries.

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C-295 Airbus is in Service since 2001.

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