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    Who among the following won the record eighth Ballon d’Or 2023 for the best player in the world?
    1.Cristiano Ronaldo
    2.Lionel Messi
    3.Lev Yashin
    4.Emiliano Martinez

    Answer: Lionel Messi

  2. How many states celebrated Formation Day on 1st November 2023?


  3. Which university has had its proposal for the development of its first satellite authorized by the Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Centre in November 2023?

    Aligarh Muslim University

  4. What is HTTP Response status codes and how are they classified?

    HTTP response status codes indicate whether a specific HTTP request has been successfully completed.
    Responses are grouped in five groups:
    1. Informational responses (100-199)
    2. Successful responses (200-299)
    3. Redirection responses (300-399)
    4. Client error responses (400-499)
    5. Server error responses (500-599)

  5. In November 2023, which city of Gujarat become first to unveiled the First Navy Warship?


  6. Which country would host the 24th Asian Archery Championships in 2025?


  7. Whowon the Brazilian Grand Prix 2023?

    Max Verstappen

  8. What is HTTP?

    Hypertext Transport (or Transfer) Protocol, the data transfer protocol used on the World Wide Web.

  9. What is the theme of World Radiography Day 2023 , observed each year on November 8?

    Celebrating Patient Safety

  10. How many ounces in a cup?

    1US cup is equal to 8.3 ounces

  11. What is the rank of India in Global Remote Work Index 2023?


  12. What is the rank of India in Global Pension Index 2023?


  13. What percentage growth has been forecasted in electric vehicles by 2030 by the Power and New and Renewable Energy Ministry?


  14. What is the theme of World Anaesthesia Day which is observed on October 16?

    Anesthesia and Cancer Care

  15. In October 2023, which of the following banks with Outlook Group announces the launch of its highly anticipated retirement planning event, “40After40”?
    1. IDFC FIRST Bank
    2. Yes Bank
    3. HDFC Bank
    4. ICICI Bank
    5. Union Bank

    Answer: IDFC First bank

  16. Which of the following countries has topped the Global Hunger Index 2023?
    1. Belarus
    2. Bosnia & Herzegovina
    3. Chile
    4. China

    Ans. Belarus

  17. In October 2023, which of the following states 37th edition of the National Games 2023 is going to be held from October 26 to November 9?
    1. Gujarat
    2. Goa
    3. Rajasthan
    4. Karnataka

    Ans. Goa

  18. In October 2023, which of the following countries India signed an agreement on defence cooperation to promote bilateral cooperation in areas such as security and defence policy, research and development?
    1. France
    2. Italy
    3. Japan
    4. Indonesia

    Ans. Italy

  19. In October 2023, which of the following cities of United states has been inaugurated the largest Hindu temple outside India, Akshardham?
    1. Hawaii
    2. Texas
    3. California
    4. New Jersey

    Ans. New Jersey

  20. The theme for World Mental Health Day 2023 “is _____________observed on October 10 every year.

    Ans. Mental health is a universal human right.

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